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  • This Week in Spring - November 24th, 2020
    by Josh Long on 25/11/2020 at 02:01

    Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another jam-packed installment of This Week in Spring! It’s the week of Thanksgiving here in the United States and I feel like I’ve got a ton of things and a ton more people for which and for whom to be thankful, and a huge, constant part of that is you, dear […]

  • Adding IoT to My Home Office Desk: Part 1
    by Brennon Loveless on 25/11/2020 at 01:00

    Introduction In this article, I will show you how I converted my manual hand crank desk into an automated IoT connected desk. I’ll be talking about how to size and pick motors, and how to connect your custom IoT devices to Google using Heroku as a public interface. In short, there are two […]

  • New – Attribute-Based Access Control with AWS Single Sign-On
    by Sébastien Stormacq on 25/11/2020 at 00:20

    Starting today, you can pass user attributes in the AWS session when your workforce sign-in into the cloud using AWS Single Sign-On. This gives you the centralized account access management of AWS Single Sign-On and ABAC, with the flexibility to use AWS SSO, Active Directory, or an external […]

  • OKRs: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
    by Kurt Bittner on 24/11/2020 at 21:03

    OKRs are a powerful tool for setting and measuring goals, but like all power tools, they can become dangerous in unskilled hands. When used in informed ways, they can improve focus and lift outcomes, but when mishandled, they can increase waste and inflict real damage upon the organizations that […]

  • Introducing Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)
    by Danilo Poccia on 24/11/2020 at 20:16

    As the volume and complexity of your data processing pipelines increase, you can simplify the overall process by decomposing it into a series of smaller tasks and coordinate the execution of these tasks as part of a workflow. To do so, many developers and data engineers use Apache Airflow, a […]

  • Updates to the Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge, Part 1
    by The Open Group Blog on 24/11/2020 at 19:55

    The Open Group Security Forum is thrilled to announce the publication of an update to the Open FAIR™ Body of Knowledge (BoK). The Open FAIR BoK is comprised of The Open Group Risk Taxonomy (O-RT) Standard and The Open Group Risk Analysis (O-RA) Standard. The Open Group initiated a standards […]

  • What’s new in Rust 1.48
    by Paul Krill, Serdar Yegulalp on 24/11/2020 at 19:15

    The unique approach of the Rust programming language results in better code with fewer compromises than C, C++, Go, and the other languages you probably use. It also gets updated regularly, often every month.Where to download the latest Rust version If you already have a previous version of Rust […]

  • Automation Justification
    by Judy Johnson on 24/11/2020 at 17:59

    Automation Justification (as presented in TechWell Agile and DevOps Virtual Conference 11 November 2020) Ask a group of engineers how to “DevOps,” and many will say, “Automate all the things!” That’s a great answer and definitely covers many of the DevOps processes, […]

  • Spring Boot and Micrometer with InfluxDB Part 2: Adding InfluxDB
    by Emmanouil Gkatziouras on 24/11/2020 at 17:14

    Since we added our base application it is time for us to spin up an InfluxDB instance. We shall follow a previous tutorial and add a docker instance.

  • Top 13 Benefits of CI/CD You Should Not Ignore
    by Rahul Jain on 24/11/2020 at 17:05

    In traditional software development approaches, releases are spread out and recur at intervals for every small feature update or bug fix. This dramatically increases the chances of changes getting coupled at the time of deployment. Over time, the problem starts to grow, posing more challenges for […]

  • BrandPost: Using Deep Java Library to do Machine Learning on SpringBoot
    by Brand Post on 24/11/2020 at 16:38

    Many AWS customers—startups and large enterprises—are on a path to adopt machine learning and deep learning in their existing applications. The reasons for machine learning adoption are dictated by the pace of innovation in the industry, with business use cases ranging from customer […]

  • How to Use PHP in HTML
    by Sajal Soni on 24/11/2020 at 13:49

    In this article, I'll show you how to use PHP code in your HTML pages. It’s aimed at PHP beginners who are trying to strengthen their grip on the world's most popular server-side scripting language.Again, PHP is a server-side scripting language. That means a PHP script is executed on the […]

  • 22 Best Android App Templates for 2021
    by Franc Lucas on 24/11/2020 at 13:28

    Using app templates allows you to meet your client deadlines faster because all the programming work has been done for you. All you need to do is build the app according to your client's needs.  One of the many Android app templates available on  CodeCanyon  […]

  • Spring Data 2020.0 - New and Noteworthy in Spring Data Elasticsearch 4.1
    by Christoph Strobl on 24/11/2020 at 13:19

    Spring Data Elasticsearch is one of the community modules shipped with the 2020.0 release. On behalf of P.J. Meisch, who is doing most of the heavy lifting these days, we’re happy to share his insights on the current release. The previous release included major overhaul of the internal code […]

  • The Scrum Guide 2020 Reordered
    by Stefan Wolpers on 24/11/2020 at 12:33

    TL; DR: The Scrum Guide Reordered The Scrum Guide Reordered 2020 is based on about 95 percent of the text of the Scrum Guide 2020, extending its original structure by adding additional categories, for example, on self-management, commitments, or accountability. The Scrum Guide–Reordered […]

  • What to expect from AWS re:Invent 2020
    by Scott Carey on 24/11/2020 at 11:00

    Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has its biggest event of the year next week, with AWS re:Invent running online-only and free of charge for the first time, starting November 30 and closing December 18.This year the event will not be spread across various hotels on the Las Vegas […]

  • On-premises data warehouses are dead
    by David Linthicum on 24/11/2020 at 11:00

    Global Market Insights estimates that cloud providers will host the majority of data warehousing loads by 2025. But don’t take their word for it. Gartner estimates that 30 percent of data warehousing workloads now run in the cloud and that this will grow to two-thirds by 2024. Just a few […]

  • Inclusive design: 8 tips for addressing software accessibility
    by Clint Boulton on 24/11/2020 at 11:00

    Companies have harnessed human-centered design and design thinking to craft more engaging digital experiences, the better to remain competitive in an era dominated by snazzy websites and slick mobile applications.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)

  • Getting started with WebView 2
    by Simon Bisson on 24/11/2020 at 11:00

    Microsoft’s move to a new set of Windows controls as part of the WinUI 3 libraries is one sign of its rethinking how the Windows SDKs are developed and delivered. At heart it’s a decoupling of controls from APIs, a new method for both how they’re shipped and how you can package […]

  • New – Code Signing, a Trust and Integrity Control for AWS Lambda
    by Channy Yun on 24/11/2020 at 00:02

    Code signing is an industry standard technique used to confirm that the code is unaltered and from a trusted publisher. Code running inside AWS Lambda functions is executed on highly hardened systems and runs in a secure manner. However, function code is susceptible to alteration as it moves […]

  • Implement a Distributed Database to Your Java Application
    by Sam Brown on 23/11/2020 at 23:25

    Brief Description Interference is a simple java framework that enables you to run a distributed database service within your java application, using a JPA-like interface and annotations. The basic unit of the interference service is a node — in fact, it is a java application, inside […]

  • GitOps – DevOps for Infrastructure Automation
    by Sara Miteva on 23/11/2020 at 23:16

    GitOps offers a way to automate and manage infrastructure. It does this by using the same DevOps best practices that many teams already use, such as version control, code review, and CI/CD pipelines. Companies have been adopting DevOps because of its great potential to improve productivity and […]

  • New – Multi-Factor Authentication with WebAuthn for AWS SSO
    by Sébastien Stormacq on 23/11/2020 at 23:11

    Starting today, you can add WebAuthn as a new multi-factor authentication (MFA) to AWS Single Sign-On, in addition to currently supported one-time password (OTP) and Radius authenticators. By adding support for WebAuthn, a W3C specification developed in coordination with FIDO Alliance, you can now […]

  • TypeScript 4.1 arrives with template literal types
    by Paul Krill on 23/11/2020 at 22:54

    TypeScript 4.1, an upgrade to Microsoft’s popular open source language that adds types to JavaScript, is now available as a production release. The upgrade features template literal types and a multitude of other improvements.The template literal type has the same syntax as template literal […]

  • JDK 16: The new features in Java 16
    by Paul Krill on 23/11/2020 at 20:10

    Java Development Kit (JDK) 16 has added two more proposed new features including strong encapsulation of JDK internals and a foreign linker API. Previously proposed features include a foreign-memory access API, pattern matching, a production-ready package tool, concurrent thread-stack processing […]

  • Interview Questions To Ask DevOps Engineers
    by Anton Lucanus on 23/11/2020 at 20:01

    During the height of a global pandemic, when social distancing matters, and virtual jobs are rising in quantity and quality, societies are yet resisting changes that have become the new normal. Nevertheless, the changes brought on by new technologies in the market are undeniable. American business […]

  • The 3 keys to scaling enterprise devops use
    by Scott Carey on 23/11/2020 at 17:44

    The most mature organizations in their devops journeys rely on self-service internal platforms, automated change management processes, and integrated security, according to the 2020 State of Devops report by Puppet and CircleCI.The report surveyed more than 2,400 technical professionals around the […]

  • Spring Boot and Micrometer With InlfuxDB Part 1: The Base Project
    by Emmanouil Gkatziouras on 23/11/2020 at 17:39

    To those who follow this blog, it’s no wonder that I tend to use InfluxDB a lot. I like the fact that it is a real single purpose database (time series) with many features and also comes with enterprise support. Spring is also one of the tools of my choice.Thus in this blog, we shall […]

  • How to Lead Self-Managing Teams? 3 Practical Tips
    by Peter Koning on 23/11/2020 at 16:28

    To succeed in fast-changing, dynamic markets, organizations must be increasingly flexible and adaptive. Self-managing teams are a key tool in creating such organizations. Also the new Scrum Guide describes the whole Scrum Team as self-managing. The design and agility of these teams enables them to […]

  • Spring Native for GraalVM 0.8.3 available now
    by Sébastien Deleuze on 23/11/2020 at 15:39

    On behalf of everyone that has contributed, I am pleased to announce that Spring Native for GraalVM 0.8.3 has been released and is available from Spring milestone repository, check the updated reference documentation for more details. Spring Native for GraalVM provides an incubating support for […]

  • Tech Resume Library: 21 downloadable templates for IT pros
    by Insider Pro staff on 23/11/2020 at 14:58

    A well-crafted resume will attract recruiters, HR pros and hiring managers, but getting it just right is a daunting task. To jump start the process, Insider Pro has assembled this collection of real resumes revamped by professional resume writers. (Watch this space for new templates.)

  • Tech Resume Library: 21 downloadable templates for IT pros
    by Insider Pro staff on 23/11/2020 at 14:58

    A well-crafted resume will attract recruiters, HR pros and hiring managers, but getting it just right is a daunting task. To jump start the process, Insider Pro has assembled this collection of real resumes revamped by professional resume writers. (Watch this space for new templates.)

  • Generate Random Alphanumeric Strings in PHP
    by Monty Shokeen on 23/11/2020 at 14:02

    Let me begin this post by saying that almost no event is truly random. Even the outcome of a classic coin toss could in theory be predicted if we knew the effect of every factor involved, like air friction, gravity, and initial force.The same thing is applicable to the generation of random numbers […]

  • Public clouds and big tech target low-code capabilities
    by Isaac Sacolick on 23/11/2020 at 11:00

    I’ve been using low-code and no-code platforms for almost two decades to build internal workflow applications and rapidly develop customer-facing experiences. I always had development teams working on Java, .NET, or PHP applications built on top of SQL and NoSQL datastores, but the business […]

  • CIOs take the lead in pursuit of operational efficiencies
    by Esther Shein on 23/11/2020 at 11:00

    For Gary Brantley, the road ahead is paved with innovative technologies, and to get there, the CIO of the City of Atlanta has moved full throttle to attain operational efficiencies since the pandemic began.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)

  • 3 ways containers shine in a crisis
    by Scott McCarty on 23/11/2020 at 11:00

    There are certain people who thrive in a crisis. They have the ability to go beyond just getting the job done, no matter what is going on around them (which is huge in and of itself), but they also find opportunity amid difficult situations and help those around them be the best they can be. You […]

  • Use multiple implementations of an interface in ASP.NET Core
    by Joydip Kanjilal on 23/11/2020 at 11:00

    The built-in support for dependency injection in ASP.NET Core is great. However, dealing with multiple implementations of an interface when working with dependency injection in ASP.NET Core is a bit tricky. In this article I’ll show you how to dynamically select a service from such an […]

  • Delivering on Anthony Nolan's evergreen technology strategy
    by Scott Carey on 23/11/2020 at 06:00

    Established in 1974, Anthony Nolan is a non-profit that matches stem cells or bone marrow donors with patients suffering from blood cancer and blood disorders in need of life saving transplants.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)

  • Why You Should Be Using PHP's PDO for Database Access
    by Erik Wurzer on 23/11/2020 at 03:19

    Many PHP programmers learned how to access databases by using either the MySQL or MySQLi extensions. As of PHP 5.1, there's a better way. PHP Data Objects (PDO) provide methods for prepared statements and working with objects that will make you far more productive!CRUD Generators and […]

  • 2020 Scrum Guide: Definition of Done Created By Scrum Team
    by Stephanie Ockerman on 22/11/2020 at 01:00

    In the 2020 Scrum Guide, the Definition of Done is created by the Scrum Team. In previous versions of the Scrum Guide, this responsibility was explicitly owned by the Development Team. I will explain the intention of the change and what it means for Scrum Teams. (Note if you want to see my take on […]

  • The Scrum Framework, Illustrated
    by Barry Overeem on 21/11/2020 at 10:25

    With the launch of the new Scrum Guide, we also created a new illustration of the Scrum framework. This visualization includes many of the changes made in the new edition, for example: The Product Goal, which describes a future state of the product that can serve as a target for the Scrum […]

  • Why Is Interoperability Coming Into Play With IoT Devices?
    by Arman Arora on 20/11/2020 at 16:58

    IoT devices are growing in numbers at a speed as high as ever. The cumulative numbers of IoT devices are expected to reach 75 billion by 2025 with the addition of ~ 10 billion devices each year. A variety of devices are coming into play (from home appliances to wearables to automobiles to security) […]

  • Logging In Kubernetes With Loki and the PLG Stack
    by Kentaro Wakayama on 20/11/2020 at 16:40

    What is Loki? Loki is an open-source, multi-tenant log aggregation system. It can be used with Grafana and Promtrail to collect and access logs, similar to the ELK/EFK stack. While one can use Kibana and Elasticsearch to make advanced data analysis and visualizations, the Loki-based logging stack […]

  • Top 5 Leadership Sessions From DevOps World 2020
    by Brian Dawson on 20/11/2020 at 15:26

    With over 25,000 registrants, 100+ sessions, and dozens of training and workshops, DevOps World 2020 delivered inspiring, strategic, actionable insight into where software delivery is going and what enterprises can do to deliver the experiences customers and users expect. Historically, our […]

  • Autoscaling Groups With Terraform on AWS Part 3: Elastic Load Balancer and Health Check
    by Emmanouil Gkatziouras on 20/11/2020 at 15:06

    Check out Part 1 and Part 2. Previously, we set up some Apache Ignite servers in an autoscaling group. The next step is to add a Load Balancer in front of the autoscaling group.

  • How to Use Map, Filter, and Reduce in JavaScript
    by Peleke Sengstacke on 20/11/2020 at 14:00

    Functional programming has been making quite a splash in the development world these days. And for good reason: Functional techniques can help you write more declarative code that is easier to understand at a glance, refactor, and test.One of the cornerstones of functional programming is its […]

  • 10 Best White-Label Branding Plugins for WordPress
    by Franc Lucas on 20/11/2020 at 12:00

    As a developer, you can completely customize the back-end of your clients' websites to reflect their unique brand and messaging. It means completely transforming the look of the dashboard, admin menu, logo, graphics, header, the width of the logo, the footer logo, and the login form. You do […]

  • Weaponizing the cloud to fight addiction
    by David Linthicum on 20/11/2020 at 11:00

    According to the CDC, opioids were involved in 46,802 overdose deaths in 2018 (69.5 percent of all drug overdose deaths). For those of you living in the United States, this is old news.As the pandemic stretches on, deaths in the U.S. from opioids and other habit-forming drugs such as alcohol, are […]

  • 3 considerations for reducing carbon footprints with cloud
    by Diana Bersohn on 20/11/2020 at 11:00

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies are accelerating digital transformations, including fast-tracking their move to the cloud. Company leaders are recognizing that cloud has quickly become the foundation that’s required to enable rapid scalability and reliability and to fuel new […]

  • Spring Data 2020.0 - New and Noteworthy in Spring Data Neo4j 6.0
    by Christoph Strobl on 20/11/2020 at 10:54

    Spring Data Neo4j is a Spring Data community project that is maintained and developed by Neo4j, Inc. On behalf of the team working on the module at Neo4j, we are happy to share their insights about recent changes and new features shipped with the 2020.0.0 release. Neo4j users who use Spring Boot […]

  • A Bootiful Podcast: BDD creator, optimizer of organizations and agile legend Dan North
    by Josh Long on 20/11/2020 at 04:43

    Hi, Spring fans! In this episode Josh Long (@starbuxman) talks to Dan North (@tastapod), creator of BDD, optimizer of teams and all around legend.

  • Multi-Region Replication Now Enabled for AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory
    by Martin Beeby on 19/11/2020 at 22:56

    Our customers build applications that need to serve users that live in all corners of the world. When listening to our customers, they told us that whilst they were comfortable building Active Directory (AD) aware applications on AWS, making them work globally can be a real challenge. Customers […]

  • 3 Key Points for Scrum Masters in the new Scrum Guide 2020
    by Daria Bagina on 19/11/2020 at 21:19

    The new version of the Scrum Guide has just been released. It is exciting! Scrum walks the talk by inspecting and adapting itself. So should you as a Scrum Master. In this article, I'll talk about how new Scrum Guide changes affect you and what you need to do now. This iteration of the guide […]

  • A Home for Product Goal, Definition of Done, and Sprint Goal
    by Simon Reindl on 19/11/2020 at 19:58

    Commitments In the 2020 Version of the Scrum Guide, the commitments were introduced for each artifact. These then became an element of Scrum; in that they need to be used to gain the maximum value that the Scrum Framework offers. They were always part of a Professional Scrum approach, now there is […]

  • Containerizing SpringBoot Application With Jib
    by Ashish Choudhary on 19/11/2020 at 18:21

    In this article we will learn about how to create docker or OCI complaint images without installing any docker client or using Dockerfile for our SpringBoot application. We will be doing all of this with the help of Jib. What Is Jib? Jib is Java containerizer from Google that lets Java […]

  • Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Java Developers
    by Tarun Telang on 19/11/2020 at 17:14

    Below is the list of most effective and trustworthy resources about Java Technology. These could be very useful and interesting for Java programmers. I have been using these resources for many years for finding the latest information about Java technologies. 1. Oracle Java Technology Home Pages […]

  • Reclaim 25% of Java Heap Memory and Lower Your Cloud Bills
    by A N M Bazlur Rahman on 19/11/2020 at 17:01

    Do you know that you can save up to 25% of your heap memory and your cloud bills without any effort? Well, that's true. Many exciting features have been added to the latest Java recently, and I'm going to cover one of them in this article, so please bear with me.

  • Dependency Injection Implementation in Core Java
    by Shital Devalkar on 19/11/2020 at 15:57

    Overview This article will guide you to understand and build a lightweight Java application using your own Dependency Injection implementation. Dependency Injection … DI… Inversion Of Control…IoC, I guess you might have heard these names so many times while your regular […]

  • DZone Survey: Edge Computing and IoT
    by John Esposito on 19/11/2020 at 15:30

    tl;dr: Share your experience building widely distributed systems by filling out the DZone edge computing and IoT survey (~10-minute estimated completion time). Many questions are relevant even if you've never worked with IoT devices or done anything you'd explicitly call "edge computing." Also, […]

  • BrandPost: A Deep Learning Toolkit Gives Java Developers a Jumpstart
    by Brand Post on 19/11/2020 at 14:13

    Deep Java Library (DJL), is an open-source library created by Amazon to develop machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) models natively in Java while simplifying the use of deep learning frameworks.I recently used DJL to develop a footwear classification model and found the toolkit super […]